March Break is Meant for Reading!

It’s that time of year again, at least around here:  March Break.

When I was in school, this meant ample time to devour new books, while begrudgingly finishing projects and papers that were ruining my fun.  My bag of goodies from the library would hang heavy from my arm, but the comfort of those books made it all worthwhile.

Whether you’re a student on break or a parent taking time off with the kids, reading time is great self-care.  Whether you’re on the beach or curled up on the couch, you can’t go wrong.

For those looking for something to read (or something to gift a teen reader), I’ve decided that March 14th and 15th will be free Change of Season days on Kindle.  Help yourself to a brooding mystery, where nothing is what it seems and knowing who to trust is nearly impossible.

For the marathon readers like me, its sequel, Waiting For A Star To Fall will be on Kindle Countdown pricing as well–meaning the faster you grab it, the deeper the discount!

(The prequel story, Pretty In Scarlet, remains free on Wattpad.)

For details on both titles, head to my Amazon profile pageAs for what I’ve been up to, I have exciting news in the works for a new project, a third installment in the Autumn Brody series, and more!

Waiting For A Star To Fall Is Now Available – And Free!

(for the day, anyway)

Today is the day:  Waiting For A Star To Fall, the sequel to Change Of Season, is now available on Kindle and Createspace!

(For those who dig paperback and Amazon together like PB&J, Amazon is processing the paperback edition for their catalogue.  It should arrive this week.)

What began as a sudden flurry of writing last November is now a shiny reality, filled with romance, music and murder.  Oh, and ghosts.  You know me.

To thank those of you who follow closely, Star is free on Kindle for release day.  Help yourself and enjoy!  All I ask is you review and rate when done on Goodreads and Amazon.  That’s worth more to an author than cash dollars.

(My cats would like you to know that if you prefer to pay in cash, they will gladly spend it on tuna.)

Speaking of paperback, the Goodreads giveaway for Star is ongoing!  I might even autograph it for you.  Enter here.

And now, with as much dignity as any indie author ever mustered, go forth and read!  The book is set in July, so you might as well savour it with the proper sticky weather.


Listen to the soundtrack for the book below!
(Well, except for the one song not available on Spotify, which I provide here so you can behold its power.)

Celebrate With A Discount On Change Of Season!

Hello, readers!

First off, a tremendous thank you to those who’ve purchased the book so far, recommended it to friends and helped with Twitter buzz.  I greatly appreciate your support.

Second, thank you also to those who’ve supported my music blog.  Traffic has increased 600% as of late and I now have exclusive interviews and profiles in the works.  Exciting!

So exciting, in fact, that I’m offering up a 10% discount for those of you who haven’t yet grabbed your ebooks.  I am unfortunately constrained to Smashwords for discounts, but they do offer a format that works for every reader, one way or another.

Head on over to Smashwords and enter coupon code PX37G.  This code is only valid until July 1st (Canada Day), so be sure to hurry.

For those partial to physical books, you can purchase one of those here via Createspace store (I prefer this) or, if you have an Amazon gift card waiting for use, click here.

For those who use other services like Kobo and Barnes and Noble, all of those options should be live by the end of June (all catalogues have accepted their copies; it’s a matter of them loading the book into circulation).  iBooks seems to already be live – let me know if it works!  Kindle-friendly format is available DRM-free at Smashwords; Amazon should have their copy of the Kindle format listed in the next two days.

If you’re a music fan, feel free to check out what I’ve been doing as of late, and I’ll catch you over on Twitter.  I’ll let you know about the blog tour for Change of Season when I have the details.