Waiting For A Star To Fall

Book Two in the Autumn Brody series

Waiting For A Star To Fall A.C. Dillon

Dead men may tell no tales, but dead women will…

Seventeen months ago, Autumn Brody came face to face with a killer. The key to her survival: the ghost of one of his victims.

Determined to forget the horrors of boarding school, Autumn has never told the truth about that day. Focused on living a happy, normal life, she seems to have it all now. Great grades, great boyfriend — she’s even landed a publishing deal out of high school.

The one thing missing: ghosts. Or so she insists. The woman lurking near her favourite beach? A sleepy illusion. The feeling that she’s being watched? An understandable PTSD symptom. It’s nothing a trip to New York to see her best friend can’t cure.

But under the big lights of Broadway, things aren’t as they seem, and a chance encounter with a psychic is about to shatter Autumn’s understanding of her brush with death.

Veronica St. Clair is the twisted object of someone’s affections — a passion that turns deadly when it goes unrequited. Someone is determined to pluck theatre’s newest starlet from the sky and send her crashing to the ground. Surrounded by suspects — including one of their closest friends — Autumn must find the stalker to save Veronica’s life.

But is she desperate enough to re-open the door to the dead?

Release Date:  June 30th, 2015

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