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The Autumn Brody Books

Change Of Season (Released June 3rd, 2012)
Something happened one year ago — something that has sixteen year-old Autumn Brody running for her life.  But as she soon learns, a healthy fear of things that go bump in the night is justified – and critical for survival.  Sobs in the darkness, messages from beyond the grave and a moody teen with a troubled history, caught between the dead and the living?  Boarding school’s a killer.

Waiting For A Star To Fall (Released June 30th, 2015)
Once haunted on the edge of seventeen, Autumn Brody is a stronger woman seventeen months after confronting a serial killer, living a typical (albeit charmed) teenager’s life.  When a visit to Broadway turns sinister, Autumn must choose between the normal life she’s carefully constructed, or the truth she’s repressed since her brush with death.  Gift or curse? It’s all the in eye of the beholder.

Pretty In Scarlet (Released September 21st, 2015)
Series prequel.  Before room 308 haunted Autumn Brody, it was where Nikki Lang felt her sanity slipping away.  Sleepless, scared and strained to her limits, the news that young women with scarlet hair have been disappearing for years has her on edge.  Can she defy destiny or will room 308 claim her as its own?

Also By A.C. Dillon

Collide (Released October 31, 2012)
A bank robbery on a humid Saturday afternoon.  Five armed men who have no desire for money.  Nine hostages trapped in a windowless room without answers.  One hostage negotiator facing the toughest demand he’s ever received in the line of duty.  All will discover in this crime thriller that no matter how hard you try to run from your past, sooner or later, worlds must collide.

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