Change Of Season Re-Release Slated For March 14, 2015

It’s been a busy month of edits and creative oversight, all leading to a final release date for the Change of Season “Director’s Cut”.  You can expect it to be available exclusively on Kindle and Createspace on March 14th, 2015.

“What do you mean by ‘Director’s Cut’?”

The closest comparison I can liken it to is Donnie Darko.  If you’ve watched the theatrical cut and director’s cut, you’re aware that the majority of the story remains unchanged.  There are expanded moments, moments that have shifted, and new scenes/editing that add a different clarity to the film.  There are also some strange changes to the soundtrack in my opinion, but that’s for another blog.

With this edition, I have taken a similar approach.  Certain scenes have expanded to reveal new insights into characters and events.  Certain moments are reconstructed – alternate takes, if it were a film.  This isn’t a dramatic expansion — I elected for a longer novel from the first edition — but it is refined and refocused.

“Have there been any changes to accommodate Waiting For A Star To Fall (the sequel)?”

That would be cheating, wouldn’t it?  I don’t believe in cheating.

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Announcing: Waiting For A Star To Fall

A day late (and at this time of year, always a dollar short), but here it is:  the second announcement I promised!  Have you pieced together the musical teasers?

Connected to my discussions about Change of Season and feedback from readers, I have mulled over the possibility of turning Change Of Season into a series.  Repeatedly, I sat the notion aside:  first, to focus on completing and releasing Collide; next, to focus on other creative projects; and of late, focus on my music site, Open ‘Til Midnight.

In a fitting coincidence, an impulsive decision to jump in on NaNoWriMo for the second time opened the door to the possibility of continuing the story of Autumn Brody and her friends.  Like Collide nearly a decade prior, I threw myself into the world of frantic word sprints and writing around a day job (and sometimes, a night job as well!).  The result:  the second book in the Autumn Brody series.

Slated for a tentative summer 2015 release, Waiting For A Star To Fall picks up approximately seventeen months after the events of Change of Season.  You can read the synopsis below for now, but stay tuned; as I work to finalize the re-release of Change of Season and Star‘s debut, I’ll be sharing pieces of the process.

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Change Of Season Blog Tour Begins Today!

I’m pleased to announce that today begins the blog tour for Change Of Season, organized by the dynamos at ATOMR Tours!  Below you’ll find a list of stops by date.  During this week, you can check out reviews, excerpts and guest posts discussing characters and more.  Best of all, I’m giving away several copies of the ebook along the way.  All you have to do is check out the stops for details on how to win!  Easy, right?

Have fun, engage and I’ll see you throughout the week!

Tour Schedule

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