Update: The Autumn Brody series and NaNoWriMo 2015

The leaves are crisp and colourful, the weather is no longer sweltering, and people are obsessing over pumpkin spice again.  It’s the perfect time of year to curl up in a cozy blanket and read — or, if you’re me, curl up with a laptop and write.

As I prepare for my next project, it seemed like the perfect time to do a general update on my work.

The Autumn Brody series

The prequel to the series, Pretty In Scarlet, is now completely posted on Wattpad.  Six chapters in length, it reveals the final days of Nikki Lang’s life, and how her choices shape Autumn Brody’s journey.  While it reveals some plot points of Change of Season, it doesn’t spoil the ending.  It does add a little something extra to the story, and I encourage you to check it out and review it on Goodreads.

Talk of my new project seems to have convinced some readers that Waiting For A Star To Fall is the end of the series.  Let me clear that up right now:  I fully intend to write more books for this series — two, to be specific.  There are four seasons, after all.  The new project is one I’ve been mulling over for nearly seven years, and has finally come together in my head.

Speaking of the project…

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Celebrate With A Discount On Change Of Season!

Hello, readers!

First off, a tremendous thank you to those who’ve purchased the book so far, recommended it to friends and helped with Twitter buzz.  I greatly appreciate your support.

Second, thank you also to those who’ve supported my music blog.  Traffic has increased 600% as of late and I now have exclusive interviews and profiles in the works.  Exciting!

So exciting, in fact, that I’m offering up a 10% discount for those of you who haven’t yet grabbed your ebooks.  I am unfortunately constrained to Smashwords for discounts, but they do offer a format that works for every reader, one way or another.

Head on over to Smashwords and enter coupon code PX37G.  This code is only valid until July 1st (Canada Day), so be sure to hurry.

For those partial to physical books, you can purchase one of those here via Createspace store (I prefer this) or, if you have an Amazon gift card waiting for use, click here.

For those who use other services like Kobo and Barnes and Noble, all of those options should be live by the end of June (all catalogues have accepted their copies; it’s a matter of them loading the book into circulation).  iBooks seems to already be live – let me know if it works!  Kindle-friendly format is available DRM-free at Smashwords; Amazon should have their copy of the Kindle format listed in the next two days.

If you’re a music fan, feel free to check out what I’ve been doing as of late, and I’ll catch you over on Twitter.  I’ll let you know about the blog tour for Change of Season when I have the details.