Guess what? It’s Gonna Be May! (And It Starts With A Free Kindle Day!)

Sometimes, the internet gets it right.  Take 2012, for example, when a Tumblr user noticed that pronunciation of Mr. Timberlake’s and decided to have a giggle about it. The amusement spread and now, it’s a standard meme that circulates every April 30th.  If you’ve somehow missed it, you’re welcome. I don’t profess to be aContinue reading “Guess what? It’s Gonna Be May! (And It Starts With A Free Kindle Day!)”

Behind The Book: A New Feature

I am thrilled to announce an exciting joint blogging venture with fellow writer Carrie Morgan. On Twitter, Carrie and I subscribe to the philosophy of Writers Helping Writers:  that is, we believe that as a community, we should strive to support and lift each other up, sharing our mistakes and lessons learned.  Writers understand theContinue reading “Behind The Book: A New Feature”

Sneak Peek: Waiting For A Star To Fall

Autumn Brody thought it was a one-time thing.  A haunted dorm room, with restless spirits seeking justice for the crimes committed against them.  For seventeen months, she’s been able to move forward, believing it to be true. Autumn, it turns out, was very wrong.  She’s not the first in her family to see the dead,Continue reading “Sneak Peek: Waiting For A Star To Fall”