Guess what? It’s Gonna Be May! (And It Starts With A Free Kindle Day!)

Sometimes, the internet gets it right.  Take 2012, for example, when a Tumblr user noticed that pronunciation of Mr. Timberlake’s and decided to have a giggle about it.

gonna be may

The amusement spread and now, it’s a standard meme that circulates every April 30th.  If you’ve somehow missed it, you’re welcome.

I don’t profess to be a huge fan of the now defunct NSYNC, but I do have a bit of a soft spot for No Strings Attached and “It’s Gonna Be Me.”  It’s why I chose the song for a punk reworking that’s alluded to in Waiting For A Star To Fall (book 2 in the Autumn Brody series).  It seemed like just the sort of song you wouldn’t expect rocker character Evan Kowalczyk to dig.

In honour of Evan’s secret appreciation of Timberlake and company, Change of Season is free on Kindle tomorrow (May 1st, 2015).  How can I not celebrate a musical holiday such as this?  The book is set in an arts school!

With the sequel slated for release on June 30th, 2015, it’s great timing to read it for the first time, or re-read this special edition with new and expanded scenes.

Note:  Change of Season will be exclusively available on Kindle in ebook form, for the time being.  It is available for free for those with Kindle Unlimited.  Prefer paperback?  You can pick it up right now at Createspace or purchase from Amazon.

Curious about the sequel?  Learn more here and stay tuned: I’ll be sharing excerpts and the cover art very soon!

Does your protagonist need a pet? The value of animals in writing.

Most of us have heard about the health benefits animals can have for those who care for them.  Scholarly articles round up studies that show that pets offer therapeutic value for people struggling with depression or chronic illness, as well as soothing loneliness and isolation.  Ask any pet lover and they’ll tell you how much they treasure their companions, or tell tales of animals that simply “know” when they’re hurting.

As the owner of three cats, I can tell you about many times where they offered comfort in difficult times.  Recovering from abdominal surgery a few years back, I was bedridden and in pain.  My oldest cat, Gravity — never a lap cat, but affectionate — gently walked up to me and laid down, resting her head perfectly between my incisions so as not to cause pain, one paw stretched to gently cover the sorest spot.  A second cat took residence between my feet.  Their love was of great comfort.

We know about the power of the bond with a pet.  So why do pets seldom come up in the discussion of supporting characters?  With their lack of human language and their honesty, animals can serve several critical roles in a book.
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Sneak Peek: Waiting For A Star To Fall

Autumn Brody thought it was a one-time thing.  A haunted dorm room, with restless spirits seeking justice for the crimes committed against them.  For seventeen months, she’s been able to move forward, believing it to be true.

Autumn, it turns out, was very wrong.  She’s not the first in her family to see the dead, and the dead are far from done with her.

In this sneak peek of the second book in the Autumn Brody series, Autumn is confronted by her great-grandmother’s spirit — a woman who learned the hard way how dangerous their gift could be.

Change of Season, the first book in the series, re-releases in a reworked ‘Director’s Cut’ on March 14th, 2015.  Waiting For A Star To Fall is slated for summer 2015 publication.

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