Sonic Sunday: “You could be any man. You could be any woman. Just give me a sign…”

There’s always one in every writing project of mine. They often begin as a background character. An outline, a sketch of a person. Perhaps they’re mentioned in passing by a primary character. Perhaps someone passes them in a corridor and holds a brief exchange meant to steer the action. However they appear, what comes nextContinue reading “Sonic Sunday: “You could be any man. You could be any woman. Just give me a sign…””

Sonic Sunday: “By nightlights, the children pray…”

In 2016, I was confined to bed for medical reasons, forced to be still. Having no distractions, nothing else to do, I slid down a rabbit hole of true crime. It was easy to digest while prone in bed and weary. If my vision blurred, as it sometimes did, I could just listen to theContinue reading “Sonic Sunday: “By nightlights, the children pray…””

Codename WTZ: The Music

I can’t write without music.  I know, zero surprise.  But I can’t. The first step in my writing process (after the initial idea, of course) is building a writing playlist.  For those who don’t work this way, it may seem like a diversion.  “Shouldn’t you be outlining?  Developing character studies?  Doing research?”  Yes, yes IContinue reading “Codename WTZ: The Music”