Guest Post: I Want To Believe

Back when the incredible Cindy at Book About first offered to share her space with me, one of the questions she posed was about the joking reference in my bio to a novel-length X-Files fanfiction.  She wondered if it, like the show’s truth, was “out there”. Alas, it is not.  All I have are theContinue reading “Guest Post: I Want To Believe”

Giveaways, Guest Blogs and My Next Project…

The year is flying by and there’s so much to update about! Goodreads Giveaways The winners are in for the Goodreads Giveaways for Change Of Season and Waiting For A Star To Fall!  I’ve received confirmation that they are making their way to their new homes in GB and the US respectively. Missed out thisContinue reading “Giveaways, Guest Blogs and My Next Project…”

Shattering Silence On Rape Culture: Why We Need Courtney Summers’ All The Rage

Caution:  this post includes a discussion of rape myths and sexual assault that may trigger.  Please be safe.  Links within are more detailed and triggering. I like to think that life finds a way to put us precisely where we need to be at the moment we need to be there. This isn’t to sayContinue reading “Shattering Silence On Rape Culture: Why We Need Courtney Summers’ All The Rage”