Behind The Book: Second Editions Are Twice The Headache

This is part of a series of posts entitled Behind The Book, where fellow author Carrie Morgan and I share the ups and downs of the writing and publishing process — traditional and self-published. We all judge books by their cover. No matter how much we want people to judge our stories by their actualContinue reading “Behind The Book: Second Editions Are Twice The Headache”

More Change Of Season Reviews!

Thank you so much to the readers who’ve stopped by Goodreads to leave their thoughts on Change Of Season.  There have been some fantastic insights about the book discussed, which I enjoy.  It’s always a blast to see how others interpret a creative piece. Reviewers are also busy on Amazon, too! Have you read ChangeContinue reading “More Change Of Season Reviews!”

Now on Goodreads!

If you’re not already addicted to Goodreads, come join the fun!  I’m now there to befriend and share new reading material with. A.C. Dillon on Goodreads Even better, you can add Change of Season to your To-Read list!  Click Here and spread the word!  Anticipating a late June release now for the book.  Good thingsContinue reading “Now on Goodreads!”