More Change Of Season Reviews!

Thank you so much to the readers who’ve stopped by Goodreads to leave their thoughts on Change Of Season.  There have been some fantastic insights about the book discussed, which I enjoy.  It’s always a blast to see how others interpret a creative piece. Reviewers are also busy on Amazon, too! Have you read ChangeContinue reading “More Change Of Season Reviews!”

Score A Free Copy Of Change Of Season! Limited Offer

Tight for cash and longing for a copy of Change Of Season?  Looking for a new thriller to read this summer?  I have a special offer for you. For a limited number of people, I am willing to offer up a free coupon for an electronic copy of Change Of Season.  That’s right:  absolutely free. Continue reading “Score A Free Copy Of Change Of Season! Limited Offer”

Change Of Season Review!

There’s nothing better to wake up to as an author than a thoughtful review of your work.  Donna over at Girl Who Reads has delivered a great review of Change Of Season that you should check out! While you’re over there, check out the rest of her blog.  She’s a superstar supporter of authors andContinue reading “Change Of Season Review!”