Chiming In On The Negative Reviews Issue

Just when you thought that perhaps authors were learning to be graceful about negative reviews, this happened.  I’m stunned.  One would think a NYT best-selling author would know far better than to behave poorly on social media.  One would hope a personal assistant would know the business better, too. I’ve been speaking to others inContinue reading “Chiming In On The Negative Reviews Issue”

Now on Goodreads!

If you’re not already addicted to Goodreads, come join the fun!  I’m now there to befriend and share new reading material with. A.C. Dillon on Goodreads Even better, you can add Change of Season to your To-Read list!  Click Here and spread the word!  Anticipating a late June release now for the book.  Good thingsContinue reading “Now on Goodreads!”