Guess what? It’s Gonna Be May! (And It Starts With A Free Kindle Day!)

Sometimes, the internet gets it right.  Take 2012, for example, when a Tumblr user noticed that pronunciation of Mr. Timberlake’s and decided to have a giggle about it. The amusement spread and now, it’s a standard meme that circulates every April 30th.  If you’ve somehow missed it, you’re welcome. I don’t profess to be aContinue reading “Guess what? It’s Gonna Be May! (And It Starts With A Free Kindle Day!)”

Updates: Blog Tour, New Novel and Giveaways!

Hello, readers!  I have been busy (understatement of the year) Chez Dillon, but it’s all been a wonderful sort of busy.  Allow me to check in and give you an idea of what’s coming your way: Blog Tour, Nov. 5-10th, 2012:  The wonderful team at AT0MR have arranged a book tour for Change Of Season! Continue reading “Updates: Blog Tour, New Novel and Giveaways!”

Score A Free Copy Of Change Of Season! Limited Offer

Tight for cash and longing for a copy of Change Of Season?  Looking for a new thriller to read this summer?  I have a special offer for you. For a limited number of people, I am willing to offer up a free coupon for an electronic copy of Change Of Season.  That’s right:  absolutely free. Continue reading “Score A Free Copy Of Change Of Season! Limited Offer”