Free Story: “The Cruellest Month”

As I’ve been gearing up for the June 30th release of Waiting For A Star To Fall, I’ve been playing around with Wattpad. A sharing community for writers, it’s also a fantastic way to offer previews of your own choosing. Currently, I’m posting the first 10 chapters of Change of Season there, one at aContinue reading “Free Story: “The Cruellest Month””

Change Of Season Extended Edition Launches April 8th, 2015!

At some point, remind me to update the Behind The Book series and tell you all about the woes of self-publishing a revised edition that doesn’t qualify for a new ISBN. It’s been a learning experience, that’s for sure! It’s taken longer than desired, but I can finally commit to an official launch date forContinue reading “Change Of Season Extended Edition Launches April 8th, 2015!”