Book Announcement: Collide

For the savvy followers, you may have already noticed a new page on the site, detailing my second release.  For those who haven’t, I’m very pleased to introduce my second publication, Collide.

Anticipating a late Fall release, Collide began as a NaNoWriMo challenge piece several years ago.  While I pulled off the 50,000 words in the month (starting 7 days in, after swearing I had “no time for NaNo”), the book remained unfinished and shelved for two years thereafter.  Finishing it, I decided it needed something else I couldn’t quite articulate and left it alone, knowing I’d return at the right time.  Happily, that time is now.

Collide is a claustrophobic race against the clock, set during a hostage situation at a small bank.  Through revolving perspectives inside and outside of the bank, the web of lies and choices connecting the players is revealed.  Are our lives fated?  Are coincidences truly that?  Or are we all pulled inexplicably towards the people with whom we must collide?

For more details, check out the Collide page and as always, follow me on Twitter: dillonac.

Published by A.C. Dillon

A.C. Dillon is an insomnia-driven Canadian author, who enjoys parlaying personal sleeplessness into keeping readers from their own slumber. When not sending a laptop into steaming fits of overworked rage, A.C. can be found listening to an obsessive music collection or watching Empire Records for the 338th time.

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