Cover Reveal: Change of Season – The ‘Director’s Cut’

With the release date less than a month away, it’s time to show you the new look Change of Season is sporting for this expanded edition with alternate scenes.  I’m thrilled with the results and hope you love it like I do.  The biggest change:  a visual for Autumn herself!

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Update: Change Of Season – ‘The Director’s Cut’

Things have been quiet on this front for some time.  I made a choice after the release of Collide to take on a larger role in the music blogging sphere as a means of rejuvenating creativity.  The immersion in the local indie scene has been a true gift and labour of love.  Experiences I had never considered possible for myself — shooting concerts and awards programming; daily coverage of major festivals; networking with musicians and media alike — have been a whirlwind reality.

And while I hibernated from the world of fiction, I never stopped turning my characters over and over in my mind, examining them from new angles.  Which creations called to me, years after their initial conception?  Which characters stood out as learning experiences?  What avenues did I want to explore next?

Did a genre exist that fit my work?  IAnswer:  New Adult works for me!)

I am thrilled to announce two major projects are in the works, the first of which is a re-release of Change of Season.  Initially released in 2012, the story of Autumn Brody’s struggle to reconcile the horrors of her past with the paranormal danger of her present has been the project I have enjoyed most, and judging from reader response, I’d say the feeling is mutual.

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