Writing: When to wing it and when to research it

Hello, again!  I’ve been buried in interviews for my other blog.  It’s nice to get back here and chat about my first writing passion. In recent posts, I’ve commented on the importance of research in writing a story.  The little details, whether we realize it or not, do matter.  As a recent example, I wasContinue reading “Writing: When to wing it and when to research it”

Writing Tip: Summary Scenes and Keeping The Reader On Track

When you’re writing a complex tale – say a mystery, or a tale of vast government conspiracy – it’s important to remember that readers may not be sitting down and devouring your work in a single setting.  They may be gobbling up chapter-size bites on public transit or between chores.  If your novel is long,Continue reading “Writing Tip: Summary Scenes and Keeping The Reader On Track”

Writing Tip: It’s All In The Little Details

I could write an expansive list of things that distinguish an average writer from a great writer, but that would hardly be revelatory.  Countless others have taken a shot at such things in the past.  Instead, I’ll be looking at a few key elements individually over the next few weeks, sharing my opinions as aContinue reading “Writing Tip: It’s All In The Little Details”