Another Light…

When I was seventeen, a friend of mine and I impulsively set out on a walk on a summer’s night. It was meant to be an hour to a nearby cemetery. Two haunted young women, chasing ghosts. We kept walking that night, wandering our city. Strangely empowered by the company of each other in aContinue reading “Another Light…”

Letting Go of the Balloon String

One of my favourite songs since childhood is the German synth-loaded pop tune “99 Luftballons” by Nena.  Not the English version–the German original.  As a child, it felt deliriously beautiful.  I could dance to it all day. As a teenager, I took German in high school–no word of a lie–so I could find out whatContinue reading “Letting Go of the Balloon String”

End of Year Update (Or, yes, I am still alive. I think.)

It’s been very quiet in my writing world since the early summer.  I know.  For an indie writer, this is a cardinal sin of promotion.  You must constantly be engaging and building your audience.  You must constantly write, share, be real but also be professional, positive, careful… There’s a lot of “must” and “should” forContinue reading “End of Year Update (Or, yes, I am still alive. I think.)”