Guest Posting!

The absolutely wonderful D at Girl Who Reads recently offered me a guest blog posting.  Being as she is a wonderful – and well-read – woman, I was thrilled for the opportunity.  You can read the blog (in which I give further insight on Change Of Season’s plot) at the link below.  While you’re atContinue reading “Guest Posting!”

Somewhere, Andrew Garfield Scowls, While Jesse Eisenberg Is Oblivious…

Preemptive strikes are something firmly believed in Chez Dillon.  It’s obnoxiously Scout-like, but being prepared is wise. In Plain English:  There is now a Facebook Page for A.C. Dillon!  Go like it.  Like it a lot.  Bribe friends who owe you from that time they humiliated you in front of a hot guy or galContinue reading “Somewhere, Andrew Garfield Scowls, While Jesse Eisenberg Is Oblivious…”