Writing Tip: Characters Are Crucial

Hello, again!  It’s been a busy few weeks for me at my other writing projects (many of which took a backseat during the home stretch for Change Of Season), so I apologize for my absence.  Rest assured, I am here and always available on Twitter at dillonac so please, say hi! Last time I posted,Continue reading “Writing Tip: Characters Are Crucial”

Writing Tip: It’s All In The Little Details

I could write an expansive list of things that distinguish an average writer from a great writer, but that would hardly be revelatory.  Countless others have taken a shot at such things in the past.  Instead, I’ll be looking at a few key elements individually over the next few weeks, sharing my opinions as aContinue reading “Writing Tip: It’s All In The Little Details”

Writer Tools: SmartEdit

I came across a GalleyCat posting this week, promoting a fantastic new tool for writers.  It’s a free program called SmartEdit and it basically does what I do on my first pass at my work:  it looks for overused words and cliches in your work. Let’s face it:  we all have certain words and phrasesContinue reading “Writer Tools: SmartEdit”