Patience is a virtue (that you’ll need if you want to trad-pub)

Originally posted on Wages of War:
In my first post in this series, I explained how being published (and by that I mean traditionally published, going the agent-to-publisher route) has been my dream since I was a teenager. What I didn’t know back then, and what I didn’t realize until I’d already started down the…

“The End” Is Only The Beginning

Originally posted on Wages of War:
When I was sixteen, I got my first real job. My first introduction to the working world of W-2s, withholding and fifteen-minute breaks was as a retail sales clerk for the now-defunct B. Dalton Bookseller. For a teenager whose nose was always buried in a book, it was the…

Behind The Book: A New Feature

I am thrilled to announce an exciting joint blogging venture with fellow writer Carrie Morgan. On Twitter, Carrie and I subscribe to the philosophy of Writers Helping Writers:  that is, we believe that as a community, we should strive to support and lift each other up, sharing our mistakes and lessons learned.  Writers understand theContinue reading “Behind The Book: A New Feature”