Patience is a virtue (that you’ll need if you want to trad-pub)

Originally posted on Wages of War:
In my first post in this series, I explained how being published (and by that I mean traditionally published, going the agent-to-publisher route) has been my dream since I was a teenager. What I didn’t know back then, and what I didn’t realize until I’d already started down the…

Writer Tools: SmartEdit

I came across a GalleyCat posting this week, promoting a fantastic new tool for writers.  It’s a free program called SmartEdit and it basically does what I do on my first pass at my work:  it looks for overused words and cliches in your work. Let’s face it:  we all have certain words and phrasesContinue reading “Writer Tools: SmartEdit”

Editing Tips For Every Writer

In the midst of final edits and preparation, I stumbled onto this fantastic blog posting.  No matter how strong of a writer you are, whether published or not, these tips hold something for all of us.  Some of them are staples in my own process (searching for “crutch words” and ensuring sentence structure varies).  CheckContinue reading “Editing Tips For Every Writer”