Shouldn’t I be writing a book?

In a perfect world, yes. In the real world, there is so much more to the story…

Here’s where I dig into what inspires me, why characters make the choices they do, and what projects are coming next.

Sonic Sunday: “On days like this, you know who your friends are…”

In this new recurring feature, I’ll be spotlighting songs that are currently inspiring me, or feature on the writing playlists of my work. The history of the city I live in, and the complex dynamics between the LGBTQ+ community and police, is a topic best left to those far more eloquent and well-versed than I.Continue reading “Sonic Sunday: “On days like this, you know who your friends are…””

Another Light…

When I was seventeen, a friend of mine and I impulsively set out on a walk on a summer’s night. It was meant to be an hour to a nearby cemetery. Two haunted young women, chasing ghosts. We kept walking that night, wandering our city. Strangely empowered by the company of each other in aContinue reading “Another Light…”


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